Kik for PC – How To Download Kik for Windows 10


When we hear the term communication app, our mind automatically goes towards WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. No doubt no other app can compete WhatsApp in its genre. Still, we can’t deny the popularity of Kik as this app has millions of users monthly which are active. Although Kik is a Candian app, it drives crazy American teenagers. The youngsters prefer to use this app for a friend’s conversations. Let’s have a look back at Kik’s history. This app was launched in 2009. It was just a regular texting application in Canada before it got global recognization. A group of students from the University of Waterloo in Canada. At the current time, Kik stands among the top best communication apps in the world. It is available on Android and iOS devices. This platform will guide viewers on how to Download Kik for PC in different ways.

kik for pc windows

An interesting fact about Kik App

The China Giant social media company and one of the world’s most valuable technology conglomerates Tencent has invested 50 million $ in Kik. Now Kik’s value is more than 1 billion $.
Kik is a massive blow in the communication field. It offers a lot of unique features that viewers surely want to see. Have a look at Kik features and how this app differs from others. First of all check how to Login on Kik and what are requirements for Kik?

Kik for PC Login:

Kik Login is so easy either the user is using Kik on Android or iOS or Kik on Mac. The requirements are similar to any other account-based app. See what are the requirements for Kik Log-in.

  • Email and password.
  • Confirmation of account through email.
  • Username and profile picture.
  • Access permissions are required like Access to contacts and media Storage access, it’s up to you to allow it or cancel it.
  • By the way, we have already added a method for Kik Login Online.


Kik APP Friends:

Its a question of many users, how to find friends on Kik. Because to find friends on Kik the procedure is a little bit different than Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Check the answer to a general question and it’s the answer to know how to add friends on Kik.

What is Kik Friend Finder?

Kik Friend Finder is a general term, not a specific option in Kik. This term refers to the user’s confusion that they don’t know how to find friends in this app. Well, this is so simple, follow the below steps.


How to use Kik Finder?

  • Open the Kik app.
  • Tap ➕ option present at top of the screen.
  • Now tap on Find People.
  • Tap on the Find by Username option. This is for those who already know a friend’s username.
  • Find by Phone Contacts is also an option. If the username is not available, use this option.
  • People who are using Kik for PC need to follow the same steps.

An interesting fact about Kik

Within just 15 days of its release, Kik got successful to grab the attention and confidence of more than 15 million users.

Kik Usernames:

As we have said Find friends on Kik for PC through usernames is also a good option. But people don’t know how to get the Kik usernames of friend’s accounts. Well getting Kik usernames of added contacts in the device is so easy. Now the second thing if anyone intends to add the random person on Kik in PC.


  • Visit the site.
  • Enter your Kik username.
  • Show your age.
  • Select Gender and upload your picture.
  • Click on the post profile button.

Now, this website will show your profile to others. If any girl or boy is interested in you, they will text you on Kik. Now make as many friends as you want. Kik for Windows 10 users can do the same thing.


Kik Groups:

Rather than individual conversations, the group chat option is also a proud part of Kik. Start a group where the user is allowed to add up to 500 members. That’s a massive limit, even WhatsApp doesn’t allow more than 256 members. Creating a group on Kik is just on few taps. Tap on the Plus icon and select the Start a Group option.

Some online platforms provide a list of WhatsApp groups. These groups are random one may be from other countries. Group fun is always best where people pick one person and troll him/her badly. To get random Groups on the Kik app visit, users can find a lot there.

Delete Kik Account:

That’s not a new thing account deletion or deactivation is a common thing on the internet. After a breakup or before exams, every person does such kinds of crap. Anyhow it’s democracy and every user has a right to stay with Kik or not. Like many other best alternatives to Kik also offers 2 options to its users. Either the user can deactivate the Kik account temporarily or delete Kik for the PC account permanently. If some users don’t know how to deactivate Kik Account or how to delete it, follow the steps.

For deactivating your Kik account: Visit “” enter your Kik account mail. Kik will send a mail-in reply to you through a mail with a link. Open the link and confirm to deactivate the Kik account.

For deleting Kik account: Visit ““. Enter Kik Username, Mail ID, and then tell Kik why you are want to leave Kik? Kik will send a link to the mail-in reply. Open the link and confirm to delete the Kik account.

Download Kik Apk for PC Latest version:

Download the Kik APK latest version for Android from here. It’s the Kik official APK version which is currently in running and recently arrived. You can also download Kik APK on Windows PC.

Kik APK Details: 

  • Developers:  Kik Interactive
  • Genre: Communication
  • Requirements (Android): Android 2.2 or higher
  • Requiements (Windows): Windows 7/8/10
  • Pricing: Free

How to Install Kik for PC:

The direct installation of Kik for Windows PC or Mac is not possible. In 2017 November Kik for Windows 10 and previous versions were removed from Windows Store. So Windows PC, Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone users got deprived of this wonderful app. On the other hand, Kik for Mac was never made and there is no chance of it till now. To finish this debarment of PC users we brought another way to download and install Kik for PC.

We just require a specific software known as an Android emulator. Users can find plenty of these on the Internet. But the best Android emulator for Windows is BlueStacks. This emulator is a trendsetter, the one who invented an unbelievable concept of running 2 operating systems on the same device at a time. By using BlueStacks we assure that anyone can use Kik for PC, Windows & Mac devices both.

If you are using Windows OS on your PC then you need to follow the steps below to install Kik for PC Windows.

  • Download an Android Emulator on Windows (BlueStacks)
  • After downloading the file. Install it on PC by following on-screen instructions.
  • Once installed, you will see a shortcut of BlueStacks Emulator on Windows Desktop.
  • Double click on the shortcut present.
  • Now connect a Wifi network. Select Language and Set Date and Time.
  • Enter your Google ID to activate google services on BlueStacks. Now BlueStacks home screen will appear
  • From the homepage, go to My Apps > System App > Google Play. Use GooglePlay search. Type Kik and hit enter.
  • Click on the BlueStacks APK Installer option.
  • Locate the file present where it was downloaded, Add the file to BlueStacks.
  • Let the BlueStacks install the Kik app file.
  • Open the Kik app and experience Kik for PC. If you have a high-end device your experience will be excellent.